Skill or Capacity Gap

An interim manager can be a very effective strategy to handle a gap in skills or capacity. Depending on the circumstances, whether it be the sudden exit of a key executive, illness, significant family issues, maternity leave or long service leave, an experienced resource can be a very effective way to manage the gap. Indeed interim managers tend to be over qualified for the roles they do given their prior experience and background. This allows them to provide a very ‘safe pair of hands’, not need supervision and can often mentor other staff members.

In the case of a sudden exit, an interim manager can step into a role quickly and continue the strategy whilst the recruitment process continues alongside for the permanent replacement. And yes sometimes that replacement can be the interim manager

Circumstances can also occur where the team is already operating at full capacity and just do not have the ‘bandwidth’ to take on an increase in capacity that has occurred in the business. Brining in an interim manager to handle the short term capacity challenge can be the right answer.

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