Implement a new initiative

The development of a new strategy or a new initiative is something that many executive teams can identify and understand the need for. Implementation is often a very different thing. It may be a new marketing approach, a stronger digital focus or it may be a move into completely new markets. As a result, the executive team may not have the necessary skilled resources available in the team or if they have, they may be fully occupied with current responsibilities.

What is also important once deciding on a new initiative, is to implement quickly otherwise momentum is lost. Using the team’s existing resources may not deliver sufficient traction as fast as the business wants or as the market needs.

Bringing in an interim manager who has a strong background in the implementation of new initiatives can achieve for the business what they alone could not in the desired timeframe. Establishing milestones, developing actions plans and providing feedback to the sponsor will pay significant dividends for the organisation. The impact is often determined by the fact that the interim manager is totally focused on the new initiative and not distracted with day to day activities or other ‘political’ issues that occur within organisations. The end result is a smoother and more cost effective implementation.

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