Crisis management

Crisis management generally falls outside the scope of the day to day activities of the leadership team. In reality they generally do not have the experience to deal with the variety of issues that a crisis can evoke. This can cover stakeholder management, media management, public relations, ongoing operational and safety issues along with insurance and financial institution matters. An experienced interim crisis manager can make the difference between a successful negotiation of a crisis or a disaster. Above all communication and managing fatigue are critical aspects of the crisis management journey.

If the leadership team have not been through a crisis before, and most haven’t, much valuable time and resource is wasted in trying to establish the correct path to an effective solution. In addition, stress levels build and fatigue becomes a factor.

It is often said that we are not judged by the mistakes that happen but how we respond to those situations. An experienced and specialist interim crisis manager has the skills and expertise to make the difference that is required. Executives who have led other crisis management programs across a range of industries and organisations can be more effective in delivering the right outcomes.

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