Change Management

Change management is a very broad term and probably means different things to different people. It has been a “buzz word” for some years now. Regardless of the change that a company may be trying to implement, it is critical that it is done well, meets timelines and targets and is effectively communicated. In reality however these important aspects are often not achieved to the optimum.

An experienced and specialist interim change manager has the skills and expertise to make the difference that is required. Rarely is the change process best led by existing management, as their bandwidth is often fully utilised and therefore the change process may not get the attention it deserves, as well as their existing responsibilities may suffer. Executives who have led other change programs across a range of industries and organisations can be more effective in delivering the right outcomes and within budget and also assist in reducing stress. The skilled interim manager will ensure the business is ready for the journey, work with management to ensure the structure is right, the strategy is set and the business has done the necessary assessments and is appropriately resourced.

Change is also often about going digital, taking out cost and delivering new revenue streams. It is also critical for the business to ensure that the customer has a first class experience. It’s all about deciding the priorities today and in the future and the various phases of change.

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