Business transformation

There is constant discussion about innovation and disruption and delivering new strategies. How will your business respond to these challenges and still maintain relevance and profitability? How will you cope with a shift in the market environment ?

The need for business transformation may be caused by external changes in the market whereby a company’s products or services may no longer berelevant. It may be that the funding or income streams having changed, new regulations have come into play or competition has become more intense. This situation also incorporates Business Process Reengineering.

Business transformation can be achieved by one or more of :

  • – Realigning the way staff work
  • – How the organisation is structured
  • – A change to the core product or service
  • – How technology is used

An experienced interim manager well skilled in business transformation across a range of industries and organisations can greatly assist an organisation to recognise the need for change, deal with the various stakeholders and communication processes that are required, agree what form the change should take and understand what the organisation is changing from and what needs to change in detail.

These type of activities very much stretch the leadership the leadership team as they are fully occupied in the day to day and generally don’t have the time or experience to deal with these types of transformations.

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